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It’s finally happened. I finally have a little time to write a blog post for myself!

Between an internship, a part-time job at Emerson and three courses. I haven’t had much time to stop and breathe, let alone write. 

I had a great time cooking this weekend. By far I was most excited for Flour Bakery’s Vegan Chocolate cupcakes the recipe I used (see link) is from a former baker at Flour and is full of chocolate flavor! The end result was great the first night but I saved the cupcakes in an airtight container for a movie night with the ladies and they dried out big time over night. Oh well! I’m glad I tried one after making them. 

I also made Quiche Lorraine from Cook’s Illustrated’s cookbook Baking IllustratedIt was absolutely delightful! I felt like I was eating breakfast in a restaurant. It was creamy and custard-like in the center and full of bacon. I love bacon, candied, in food, in chocolate, you name it.

And finally, I made tomato pasta from Cook’s Illustrated’s The Complete Book of Pasta and Noodles and Pesto from Phaidon’s updated SIlver Spoon and it was just to die for! That said, making pasta is so much easier with an electronic crank rather than the lovely traditional hand crank. it only takes a few minutes and the results are beautifully consistent. A note to all you pasta dough makers, the tomato pasta recipe is a standard pasta dough with two Tbsp of tomato paste added to the dough and one less egg. You let the dough rest for up to two hours and the result is a nice mellow tomato flavor. It was great!